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My new book, The Witch: And Other Tales of the American Gothic, is available NOW!


An accused witch is banished from her home in Portland, Maine. A young socialite in New Orleans dabbles in magic to get rid of a rival. An acrobat in a traveling circus learns her greatest enemy lives in the mirror. An Irish immigrant may have brought malevolent faeries with her to the New World. A lumberjack in the Pacific Northwest suspects a monster lurks behind the enormous trees. A Colorado gold miner find himself trapped in the bowels of the earth, no matter how many times he tries to dig his way out. A psychiatrist in Chicago suffers from insomnia and loses track of where reality end and his nightmares begin.

Written in the literary tradition of gothic horror, The Witch: And Other Tales of the American Gothic is a collection of strange occurrences in 19th century America. These seven stories provide a reflection of the country's growing pains during a time of transition and exploration of the secrets that lurk in the shadows of the world we think we know.

Audio versions available on the
American Gothic podcast.
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Pilot, Thriller. Philadelphia, 1917. A medical student with a unique gift for healing must return to his parents’ Mennonite farm when his sister murders a man she refers to as “one of them,” leading him to grapple with the truth about family, faith, and limits of pacifism in a war between good and evil. 

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Short, Drama. A young woman spends a hot summer day in St. Louis caring for - and protecting - her four-year-old niece.

The Witches of Westbrook Lookbook.png

Pilot, Comedy. Best friends and practicing witches Stella and Jasmine have found themselves at a crossroads: Stella, the mom of teenaged twins, goes through a divorce, while Jasmine suddenly becomes a widow. With nothing to lose and kids about to come into their powers, the pair move to the mystical town of Westbrook as their friendship – and their magic – guide them through the process of starting over.


Pilot, Science Fiction. The peaceful suburban town of Greenhaven is rocked by a bloody murder that causes Tara, a teenage girl with a mysterious medical condition, to befriend Skye, a renegade hacker who has evidence linking Tara's father to the murder. The two girls embark on a secret investigation that's cut short when Tara encounters an inhuman creature and is abducted by men posing as FBI agents.

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Pilot, Thriller. Empire of Sin is one-hour crime thriller set in New Orleans, 1898, based on true events. The city has just legalized prostitution, and our mixed-race heroine, Lucy – who has spent a life of the streets – and her lover, Gabriel, see a lawful way to finally open her own brothel and have a legitimate shot at the American Dream, not realizing that stepping into the shoes of a Madam will bring her up against religious reformers, the Mafia, and a serial killer terrorizing the town.

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Pilot, Comedy. After separating from her husband, Jane begins carrying a notebook to organize the constant stream of thoughts about her disappointing job, her over-achieving family members, her former best friend, and her impending divorce. Since she moved to a new city to support her now ex-husband’s career, Jane must decide how – or if – she will build a life for herself as a single woman in Los Angeles.

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Feature, Horror. Sarah sees ghosts. They used to be harmless. But lately, the visions have become more painful, and the ghosts are more malevolent than ever before. Sarah must discover a way to save herself, or she may lose her mind in the process.

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Feature, Comedy. Suburbia, 1976. Eight months pregnant and a day before her wedding, Amy’s fiance calls it quits. In a desperate quest to make it down the aisle, Amy lures four former boyfriends - and one former stalker - to her house and holds them all hostage until someone agrees to marry her.

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Feature, Thriller. Since she was a small child, Christina has been plagued by her malevolent 'dark-twin' alter-ego. Now, as a young woman, a surprise career opportunity at a Los Angeles PR firm leads Christina to a supernatural web of demons, monsters, blackmail, and the discovery that she's a descendant of the fallen angel Lucifer - and the newest member of the world's oldest crime family.


Short, Thriller. Vanessa has found an unusual way to have it all: a clone. But when the experiment that created the clone is deemed a failure and calls for clones to be returned, the other Vanessa is not willing to give up so easily.


Short, Thriller. A depressed man finds an unusual way to provide for the ex-wife he betrayed.

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Short, Musical. After thirty years in the business, Tom wonders if it’s worth staying in Los Angeles and hustling work as a musician and songwriter. But leaving the industry would mean leaving his friends and apartment in the beloved neighborhood of Laurel Canyon.

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Jessica Hobbs is a writer with a BA in Film Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder, a background in theater, opera, Vaudeville, television production, and film festivals, and a passion for all things strange and unusual. If she’s not writing, she’s likely on a movie set, traveling around the world, practicing witchcraft, or blasting rock and roll records in her living room. She lives in the magical Laurel Canyon neighborhood in Los Angeles with her composer husband, Robinton, and their cat, Freyja. 

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